forsyth county ga tax servicesThe Wall Street Journal reported that 19 states during the 2015 tax season noticed a surge of fraudulent state-tax filings prepared with TurboTax. TurboTax responded by suspending electronic transmission of state returns for 24 hours on Feb. 5 and 6. The suspension was then lifted and the FBI has been investigating the incident. One red flag security experts say to look out for is a change in your direct-deposit account information. Intuit, the company that owns TurboTax, is offering assistance to customers regarding identity theft. Customers can speak to trained identity-protection agents by calling 800-944-8596. State tax departments are telling victims that they should contact the IRS and their state tax authority as well as the Federal Trade Commission. The AJC reported that Georgia is reviewing state tax returns amid fraud concerns. They recommend changing passwords and user names to better secure accounts. Taxpayers can log onto the Georgia Tax Center and set a notification when a tax return has been filed with their social security number. The website is If you haven’t received your Georgia state income tax refund yet, visit the Georgia Tax Center website at or call 404-417-2100.